Sanitary Sewers

The Town of North Branford’s sanitary sewer system consists of three separate systems, geographically located in three different parts of town. Approximately 35% of the Town’s developed properties are serviced by the Town’s sewage system. The sewerage systems consist of gravity sewers, force mains, and 5 pump stations. The Department maintains records of all sanitary sewer installations in town. Prior to any work being completed on the sanitary sewer system, a permit must be issued by the Engineering Department; this includes any connection, repair, or modification to the sanitary sewer system. The permit application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications, or other information considered pertinent in judgement of the Town Engineer.

·        Regulations for Layout and Assessment of Sanitary Sewers

·        Application for Sewer Connection Permit

·        Building Sewer Connection Requirements

·        Grinder Pump Policy

·        Sanitary Sewer Details

·        Sanitary Sewer Backup Policy

·        Homeowner Facts About Sewer Backups

·        Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction of Building Sewers that Connect to the Public Sewer System

·        Rules and Regulations Governing the Use and Discharge of Substances into the Public Sewer System

·        Rules and Regulations Governing the Installation of Sanitary Sewers in Developments


Septic Systems

For areas where public sewers are not available, properties are most likely connected to on-site subsurface sewage disposal systems, also called septic systems. Septic System Permits can be coordinated through the East Shore District Health Department (ESDHD):

East Shore District Health Department
688 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405
(203) 481-4233