Board of Fire Commissioners

The Board of Fire Commissioners shall consist of five (5) members appointed in accordance with Article 5 of the Charter. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the Council in accordance with ยง C5-4 the Charter. At the first meeting of the Board following each biennial election, the Board shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary to serve as officers of the Board for a term of two (2) years. In the event of removal or resignation of any such officer after the vacancy thus created has been filled by the Council, the Board shall hold a special election to replace the vacated officer. The Board may adopt bylaws for the orderly transaction of its business not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.
 Current Members of the Board: Joseph Civitello, Chairman, Edward Prunier, Vice-Chairman, Commissioners Laura Burich, Andrew Campion and Eugene Stabile, Jr.