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The COVID-19 vaccine is available through a variety of channels including the State, Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies. All agencies are dependent upon the vaccine supplies and state regulations.

The North Branford Parks, Recreation and Senior Center Department and North Branford Libraries are available to answer questions but are not able to schedule appointments in order to help guide you through this process we have provide the information below.

The 3 approved vaccines in the U.S. are the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which requires 2 doses 21 days apart, the Moderna vaccine which requires 2 doses 28 days apart and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which is 1 dose.

According to the State of Connecticut: 

If you are 55 years of age or older,  you qualify for Phase 1b, and are currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
Given the current high demand of the vaccine, it will take time for all individuals in this phase to receive the vaccine. Please be patient as more clinics and vaccines become available.

Information for those over 55

(Please watch the videos below created by the Agency on Aging for more information)

·    Spanish 30 second YouTube Video

·    Spanish 15 Second YouTube Video

·    English 30 Second YouTube Video

·    English 15 Second YouTube Video


Additionally, The COVID-19 Vaccination Video for residents who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing has been posted In American Sign Language. It can be found linked to the ADS Covid Page (the video itself is hosted on YouTube, direct video link below):

Vaccination Information In American Sign Language

Information is also available:

Those eligible to receive the vaccine who are unable to self-schedule an appointment due to lack of internet access or access to technology, a disability or a language barrier can call the COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments AssistanceLine at 877-918-2224 or contact 211.

North Branford is
COVID-19 Level Red November 6, 2020

As of November 23, 2020, the North Branford Town Hall will be open by appointment only until further notice.

If there is something you need assistance with please contact the appropriate department and they will come outside to assist you. 

 Town Manager          203-484-6000

Finance                        203-484-6002

Purchasing                  203-484-6005

Building                       203-484-6008

Engineering                203-484-6009

Planning & Zoning   203-484-6010

Tax Collector              203-484-6011

Assessor                       203-484-6013

Town Clerk                 203-484-6015

Fire Marshal              203-484-6016

If you are paying your taxes, there is a drop box located in the front of the building (circular driveway near the flagpoles) on top of the stairs you will see the drop box.  The drop box will be checked daily.


We are also restricting access to the STW Community and Senior Center, Atwater Library and Edward Smith Library. These public buildings will be closed to the general public but will be open by appointment only until future notice.

All inquires may be directed to the Town Manager at 203-484-6000 or email:

Click here for COVID-19 Resources

 Below is information for East Shore District Health Department  regarding COVID-19 vaccination

 Phases of the COVID-19 Vaccination, and how you access vaccine

We know it's important to each resident of our state to know when they'll be eligible for a vaccine, and what the instructions are to get one. The process may be a little different for everyone, but you can always visit this page to find out which phase you may be in, find more details about future phases, and see where the state is.

Where we are: The state is in phase 1a, and has started vaccinations. Information about phase 1a is below. We expect that Phase 1a will last until January or early February, so not everyone in eligible populations will be vaccinated immediately. The state continues planning for future phases. 

Phase 1a

Connecticut is currently in for Phase 1a of vaccine roll-out. Those eligible to receive vaccine, based on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations, in Phase 1a are:

Healthcare Personnel: 
All paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients of infectious materials.
Long Term Care Facility Residents: Adults who reside in facilities that provide a range of services, including medical and personal care, to persons who are unable to live independently. 
First Responders at risk of exposure to COVID-19 through their response to medical emergencies such as Emergency Medical Technicians, Police, and Fire.

Phase 1a does not include healthcare personnel that do not have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials. For example, if you are providing telehealth services and do not currently work in a healthcare setting providing in-person care, you are not be eligible for vaccine in phase 1a.

How to get access to a vaccination

Healthcare personnel who have questions about how to receive vaccine should contact their organizational leadership and speak with their Employer Coordinator, a staff person who has been designated to ensure the right people in your workplace gain access to the vaccine. 

Vaccine administration for healthcare workers will be available at hospitals, outpatient clinics, and local health departments. Vaccine is expected to be very limited in December, but all healthcare personnel should be able to receive their first dose of the COVID vaccine during the month of January if they have not already received it in December. 

Residents of long-term care facilities should talk to their facility leadership and contacts about receiving vaccine. All vaccine clinics in long-term care facilities will be administered by CVS and Walgreens as part of a program coordinated by the federal government, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Eligibility for specific populations


Eligibility Information 

Doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare providers seeing patients


Licensed pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians working on site in pharmacies


Custodial, dietary, administrative & support staff working in patient care settings


First Responders (police, fire, EMS)

Some – if actively responding to medical 911 calls or involved in care for COVID or suspected COVID cases.             

School Nurses


Home health providers, homemaker companions, PCAs


Dentists, dental hygienists, and other oral health staff


Laboratory staff


Students doing clinical rotations


Death care workers entering healthcare settings, homes, or with exposure to decedents


Clinicians practicing exclusively telehealth


Employees of healthcare organizations working away from patient care settings or from home 



Upcoming Phases

We are committed to ensuring that we provide vaccinations to those who can have the most significant impact on public health, and we appreciate our residents patience as we work through this process. Those who will be eligible for vaccination in upcoming phases between January and May has not been finalized, but we anticipate it will include: 

·        Critical Workforce

·        Other Congregate Settings

·        Adults Over 65

·        High Risk Individuals Under 65

No decisions have yet been made about the prioritization of individuals beyond Phase 1a. Our decisions about priority order for Phase 1b and beyond will be made based on ACIP guidelines, our State’s allocation subcommittee advice, and ultimately the decision of the Governor. ACIP and our allocation subcommittee are making their recommendations based on multiple factors – including maximizing the benefits of vaccine access, mitigating the spread of the pandemic, and mitigating health inequities. 

How to get access to a vaccination

The State is actively working on this process in combination with employers and providers. Those in critical workforce should stay in communication with their employers, and those in congregate settings should stay in communication with their facility leadership. 

Other populations should remain in close contact with their medical providers as more detailed plans are released. 


Summer and Fall Phases

Vaccinations for eligible members of the general public is not expected to begin until this summer. Residents should know that vaccinations are expected to be available where you would regularly get vaccinated: at pharmacies, doctors offices, community health clinics, local health clinics, and through other providers. 



Michael A. Pascucilla, M.P.H., REHS

Director of Health


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