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Trash, Recycling & Hazardous Waste


Click here for 2014 Recycling/Trash Information card

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Trash & Recycling Hotline
For up to date announcements please call 203-484-4091

Electronics Recycling Collections will be the following dates: January 18, April 5, July 12 and
October 4.  Tires will be acceptable on October 4 only (size based fee charged).

*Change for helium tanks and size-based charge for propane tanks.

Corrugated Cardboard Reminder:  Flatten boxes, remove Styrofoam or other packing materials and tie with string.  Pieces CANNOT exceed 2 feet by 4 feet.

North Branford Recycling Center Schedule Important Trash Pick-up Information
Hazardous Waste / Recycling Committee Volunteer at the Leaf Drop-off Center
Regional Water Authority:
HazWaste Central
Click here for 2014 Recycling/Trash Information card

Hazardous Waste/Recycling Committee minutes

 one pound propane tanks - $1.00
 5, 10, 15 pound propane tanks - $1.00
 20 pound propane tanks - $1.00
 30, 40 and 60 pound propane tanks $1.00
 100 pounds and over propane tanks - $10.00
 Helium Tanks - $5.00
Fire Extinguishers - NOT ACCEPTABLE


Do you know that your curbside recycling bin may include more than catalogs, magazines, and newspapers? During this past year newly acceptable material for curbside pickup include office/school paper, junk mail, newspaper inserts and non metallic wrapping paper. Flattened gray board boxes: cereal, cracker, cookie boxes, etc. which do not have waxed or foil interiors and which have cellophane removed may also go into your bin for weekly pickup. Mixed paper and gray board boxes can be placed in a brown paper grocery bag along with your newspapers. The flattened gray board boxes can also be bundled with corrugated cardboard. You may also continue to bring these items, along with white paper, to the Town Garage on the first Saturday of each month between 9:00 A.M. and noon. The North Branford Recycling Center is located across from the Public Works Building on Forest Road in North Branford. When visiting the recycling center you will notice a special bin, labeled for phone books only. It is found outside the Paper Recycling Center.  There is also "GOT BOOKS" bin to recycle books (not textbooks) and CDs.


Important Trash Pick-up Information

  1. Place trash and recycling curbside the night before your scheduled pick up day or before 6:00 AM the day of your scheduled pick up. Please be sure to position your toters so that the handle and wheels face away from the road.

  2. Scrap metal pick up is twice a year, in April 16-20, 2014 and November 5-9-, 2014 on your normal trash day. 

  3. Curbside leaf pick up is only ONE week, November 26 - November 30, 2014 on your normal trash day. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags. 

  4. The leaf drop-off center adjacent to the Public Works facility is open on Saturdays in the spring and fall 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  April 7, April 14, April 21 and April 28 and October 20, October 27, November 3, November 10 and November 17, and November 24, 2014.

  5. The following are trash holidays and no trash or recycling will be picked up. Your pick-up will be delayed one day: If a holiday is on the weekend there is no change to the weekly pickup schedule. If a holiday falls on a Friday, only Friday trash pickup will be delayed a day. If a holiday is on a Monday then your trash pickup is delayed a day.  
    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Fourth of July
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas
  6. Electronic Waste Collection: e.g. TV's, CD/DVD Players, VCR's, computers, monitors,
    printers) - North Branford Recycling Center 9:00 - 12:00 noon. January 18, April 5,
    July 12 and October 4.  Tires on October 4 only (size-based fee charged).

  7. Clean motor oil can be brought to the Public Works facility during normal business hours.

  8. Christmas Tree pick-up for two weeks in January, January 7-18, 2015 on your normal trash day


Hazardous Waste / Recycling Committee

Town of North Branford
909 Foxon Road
North Branford CT 06471

Current members are: Deborah Anderson, Mary Bigelow, Elizabeth Boissard, David Bowen, Nancy Cianciulli, Donna Cordone, Art Feldman, Debra Ferraro, Mike Martin, Hank Petroskey, Thomas Scelfo. Ex-officio members, Francis Merola, Director of Public Works and Michael Pascucilla, Director of Public Health, Michelle Knockwood, Liaison/Town Purchasing Assistant.


Free Recycle Bin for new residents

Welcome to North Branford!

New residents in our town will be receiving a post card/coupon from the North Branford Hazardous Waste and Recycling Committee. This will entitle them to a gift of a new recycling bin for their home. Along with the bin will come a packet of information outlining activities and resources in the community of North Branford and the recycling programs we offer. The staff of volunteers is looking forward to greeting their new neighbors at the North Branford Recycling Center where they may redeem their coupon for the bin. The center is open on the first Saturday of each month from 9 am to noon. It is located on Forest Road across from the North Branford Public Works Building.


Volunteer at the Leaf Drop-off Center

Thank You Volunteers!





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