Hazardous Waste & Recycling Committee



The purpose of North Branford’s Solid/Hazardous Waste and Recycling Committee is to develop and implement environmentally sound solutions and best practices for solid waste disposal and recycling management on behalf of our town.   We hope that this information will assist you in our efforts.  In addition to this website, residents can get information from the Recycling Hotline: 203-484-4091. This is a recording only; you cannot speak to anyone at this number.    If you would like to contact the committee with a question about recycling, or volunteer to help in one of our activities, email us by clicking here  If you have a question specifically about trash (garbage), please call John's Refuse at 203-484-0281. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Change in Bulky Waste Pickup

 Effective July 1, 2017 bulky waste pickup will be monthly (instead of weekly).

Monthly bulky pickup will take place the 2nd full week of each month.

     The Schedule is as Follows for 2017:    

   * July 10-14

   * August 14-18

   * September 11-15

   * October 9-13

   * November 13-17

   * December 11-15      

    The Schedule is as Follows foR 2018:

    * January 8-12

    * February 12-16

    * March 12-16

    * April 9-13

    * May 14-18

    * June 11-15  



Next Electronics Recycling

 Saturday July 8, 2017     

9:00 AM till Noon

North Branford Recycling Center (Public Works - Route 22)

 Can’t wait until our Town's July collection?

Take 2 Electronics, has a site open to all CT residents where you can bring your electronics for recycling.

Located at 295 South Leonard Street in Waterbury;

hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM,

Saturdays from 8:00 AM till Noon.  No charge.

You may also attend another recycling event listed on their website;

check under One-Day events for a date/location convenient for you.

For more information call 800-209-9322, or visit their website 




The North Branford Solid/Hazardous Waste/Recycling Committee is actively looking for unique individuals to help make a difference in our community. Dedicated, creative and environmentally friendly volunteers are needed. It's your chance to make a BIG difference with just a little of your time.
Come and "try out" a meeting with us on a second Thursday of the month at 6:30PM at Town Hall. Email us for a guest reservation at an upcoming meeting (no meeting in the month of August): recycle@townofnorthbranfordct.com or call
(203) 484-6005.


Your Help is Needed and Appreciated

Please help keep our school grounds, town parks, sports fields

 and public trails free from litter.


We all want to enjoy the outdoors in our town litter free, so please remember to dispose trash and recyclables appropriately.

Show your Northford / North Branford Pride! 

Thank You



HazWaste Central Is Open for the Season

Located right behind the Regional Water Authority’s headquarters,

90 Sargent Drive, New Haven


9am to noon

Saturdays May 13th through October 28th, 2017

Note: Center is CLOSED for the  Independence Day and Labor Day holiday weekends. 


Since 1990, HazWaste Central has collected over one million gallons of waste from more than 113,000 households.

Want to volunteer?

 Call 203-401-2712 or email ask.hazwaste@rwater.com  for information about becoming a HazWaste Central Volunteer.



Spring Clean Up Recycling Reminders

 Please remember to recycle:

                                          * All newspapers including inserts

                      * All mail including envelopes,

                        magazines and catalogs

                       * Paperback books

                                           * Phone books

                                           * File folders

  But please place these items in trash:

                              * Plastic, foil or wax coated paper

                    (candy wrappers, metallic wrapping paper)

                * Heavily soiled paper / cardboard

                * Mirrors

                              * Window glass

                              * Pottery and ceramics

                               * Styrofoam


 Get Rewarded for Recycling


Visit www.recyclebank.com and see how to earn and redeem points for discounts and deals online and at local retailers.

Learn how you can benefit the environment, and get rewarded for making the effort!



The 2017 Recycling/Trash Information Cards

are available in all town public buildings for your convenience,

if you have not received one.


Have questions about what to do with specific items that may not be listed on the Recycling Card?  Please click on FAQs above, and see "What do I do with....?" for a more comprehensive list of items that can be recycled, and what to do with things that can't (like Fire Extinguishers).

 "Please Don't Feed the Storm Drain"

Storm drains are designed to only carry rainfall runoff from our streets into our local waterways.

Anything but water can contribute to water pollution and drainage issues. Help avoid potential flooding by clearing snow and ice in the winter months from around storm drains. Snow, ice and debris can interfere with drainage and clog storm drains causing hazardous street flooding and freezing.


Remember: Only Rain in the Drain!

The North Branford Solid/Hazardous Waste and Recycling Committee's

Plastic Film Recycling Program

Grocers and retailers are accepting plastic bags such as grocery bags, newspaper bags, produce bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, and even zipper bags for recycling. They also accept plastic wraps from water bottle cases, diapers, bathroom tissue, and paper towels, as well as bubble wrap and shipping pillowsPlastic bags with recycling symbols 2 or 4 ARE accepted.  Plastic bags with recycling symbols 5 or 7 (i.e. salad and grape bags), and used re-sealable bags with food residue are NOT accepted. Plastic bags and wraps get recycled into products such as new grocery bags, benches, and decking.
  That’s quite a list of items that are currently going in the trash that can be recycled.  However, they cannot go into your blue recycling bin.
There are bins to collect these items are located around town: Country Paint and Hardware, T.J’s Launderette, Town Hall, Atwater and Smith Libraries, STW Community Center, Northford Store and The Food Pantry of North Branford.  
If you cannot make it to the above locations, please bring these items to Big Y, Stop and Shop, Target, and/or Wal-Mart.  There are bins in the front of each store for plastic bag and plastic film recycling.

The plastic bags and wraps must be clean and dry and placed in storefront recycling bins.
 There are a growing number of locations in which plastic bags and wraps can be recycled, but awareness of this program is still low. A recent survey showed that many Connecticut residents do not know where they can recycle plastic bags. For more information on what can be recycled and where, visit www.plasticfilmrecycling.org.

 For more information like us on Facebook at North Branford CT Hazardous Waste & Recycling Committee.


NEXT North Branford Scrap Metal Pickup
November 6th through November 10th

The Spring scrap metal pickup will be collected the same day as your regular weekly trash pickup. 

 Please note: scrap metal cannot be placed at the curb until the week before your scheduled pickup day; thank you.

  For more information, please call the recycling hotline at 203-484-4091


Why Recycle
How to Recycle
What do I do with...???
New Residents
The 4 R's


Important Trash Pick-up Information

Place trash and recycling curbside the night before your scheduled pick up day or before 6:00 AM the day of your scheduled pick up. Please be sure to position your barrels so that the handle and wheels face away from the road.

Scrap metal pick up is twice a year:   April 17 - 21, 2017 and November 6 - 10, 2017  on your normal trash day. 

Curbside leaf pick-up for 2017:   Spring: May 1 - 5    Fall:   November 27 - December 8,  on your normal trash day.  Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags. 

The leaf drop-off center adjacent to the Public Works facility is open on Saturdays 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.   2017 collection days are:  April 8, 15, 22, 29;   November 4, 11, 18, 25.  The center is located behind the Police Station - drive down the road next to that building, then follow the signs.



o   New Year’s Day

o   Memorial Day

o   Fourth of July

o   Labor Day

o   Thanksgiving Day

o   Christmas Day                           

Electronic Waste Collection: e.g. TV's, CD/DVD Players, VCR's, computers, monitors, printers) - North Branford Recycling Center 9:00 - 12:00 noon.   Dates for this event for 2017:   March 11    July 8     November 4

Clean motor oil can be brought to the Public Works facility during normal business hours.

Christmas Tree pick-up  will be held for two weeks in January, January 2 - 13, 2017 on your normal trash day.

 What do I do with......???    We have tried to put as much information as possible on our Recycling Card; still, there are a number of items that you might have questions about how to recycle or dispose of.  As we resolve questions about these items, we post them on the alphabetical list "What do I do with....???" (click on the FAQ button up above).  We will try to keep this list as current as possible - both trash haulers and recycling companies frequently change how things are handled based on new legislation, technology improvements, etc.   


Mary Bigelow, Chair; Deborah Anderson,  Elizabeth Boissard, Alison Caron, Donna Cordone,  Debra Ferraro, Hank Petroskey, Thomas Scelfo.  Ex-officio members: Michael Paulhus, Town Manager; Michelle Knockwood,Town Purchasing Agent / Liaison to the committee; Francis Merola, Director of Public Works.